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Naruto Horrors

Damn, that's nasty.

The Horrors of the Naruto Fandom
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This is an all-encompassing Naruto Horrors community. Be it fanfiction, fanart, cosplay, items on EBay...whatever. If it's horrific/mind-scarring/disgusting/monumentally non-canon/just plain bad, it can be featured here to shock the rest of us Naruto fans. (There's something therapeutic about sharing it with others, wouldn't you say?)

EDIT 2-23-08: rip_silver is the new maintainer of Naruto Horrors.

Now, to lay down some ground rules.


If you are submitting a horrific Naruto fanart here, first make sure the link works. Nothing is worse than getting all geared up to see something nasty and then only end up staring at a 404 page. Also be sure to tell which characters it involves, as well as any warnings about what the picture may contain. (ie, nudity, graphic sexual content, shonen-ai/yaoi, yuri, etc.)


Much in the fashion of other ranting comms like marysues and suikosnark, we employ a given template for reporting badfic (as seen below). Try to follow it as closely as possible when submitting one.

Title of Fic: (type title of fic here)
Culprit's Author's Name: (type name of fic's author here)
Supposed Genre: (type genre of fic here)
Location of Fic: (type URL to where this fic is located)
Characters Featured: (type which characters appear in this fic)
Pairing Featured: (type what pairing is featured in this fic, if applicable)

Then include excerpts and/or highlights from the fic in question. Please put these behind LJ cuts since some can prove to be quite lengthy. If you don't know how to do an LJ cut, please ask someone or consult the LiveJournal FAQ.


-Don't just post a big blob of, say, KakaIru pics here and go, "HURHUR LOOKIT TEH YAOI." We've seen that plenty of times. The only things that should get posted here are crazy-ass, that's-just-wrong, I'm-going-to-be-lying-awake-at-night-still-thinking-of-the-nastiness/stupid type stuff.

-It also bears noting that you should NEVER post direct links to another person's LJ. That's TOS Violation, meaning it's a big no-no. There's plenty of nasty stuff out there for us to laugh/cringe at without raiding someone else's journal.


If you find a Naruto-related horror that doesn't fall under the catagory of fic or fanart, simply post a URL and describe the nature of the atrocity. Be sure to mention anything of explicit content.


-If you are worried about spoilers to the series, click these links at your own risk; we do not require any sort of warning towards spoilerific content.

-If anything you did was featured here, don't get your panties in a twist and start flooding our comment section with proclamations that you hate us and you hate our comm and you'll hate our children and our children's childrens and our children's children's children. You are featured here because we have just as much right to voice our opinion on the fanon as you do. And it's not like we've got some sort of personal vendetta against yaoi/yuri/hentai/Mary-Sues; if we think it's freaky, we'll show it here, we'll laugh, we'll cry and then we'll find something else to look at. We know that it's a small, sad existance, but it's all we got. (I think by now, you'll get the idea that we do not take ourselves seriously over here, and neither should you.)

-Yes, we are masochists. So don't say, "If you don't like it, don't look at it." Some people get their thrills from rollercoasters and scary movies; we get our jollies from looking at nasty Naruto fanstuffs.

-We are not a homophobe/anti-gay comm, so PLEASE don't start with that. We hate non-canon, moronic heterosexual pairings just as much as the homosexual ones too.

Without further ado, we give Naruto Horrors. Happy hunting, folks.

(This comm was created by and is maintained/moderated by del_the_psycho and canalicula.)

If you're hankerin' for strictly fanfic atrocities, stop by our sister comm, ff_anbu!